Best Easy Hamburger Recipe

When searching for the best easy hamburger recipe, the basics are always the best place to start. You’ll find a recipe for the basic hamburger, a Double patty burger, a Shake Shack style burger, and a Grilled burger with smoked paprika. You’ll also find tips for grilling burgers in your home kitchen. So, go on, make a burger!

Basic hamburger recipe

To make the best hamburger patty, follow the following simple steps. Make sure the patties are uniform and about three-quarters of an inch thick. The patties should also be about four and a half inches wide. Thickness will help the burger cook evenly and prevent it from puffing up. To serve, spread a little American mustard on the top and add sliced tomatoes. You can add additional toppings like pickles and onion rings.

Preheat a cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to the pan. Cook the patties until they’re golden brown, and then turn them over. Cook them another three to four minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Serve your burgers on a buttered bun with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. If you’re planning on serving them on a bun, be sure to add some cheese.

best easy hamburger recipe

Double patty burger recipe

A double patty burger is a beef burger that is served between two buns. The patty is four ounces in size and is smashed down as much as possible to give it the best flavor. When cooking this burger, a flat top grill is recommended because it can cook all of the burgers at once. It is also best to prepare the burgers the night before to make sure that they don’t dry out.

Before cooking the burgers, you should dip your hands in water to keep them from sticking. After preparing the patties, place them on the grill or pan and let them cook until done. If you have to flip them more than once, you will ruin the caramelization and flavor. If you want your burgers to be extra appetizing, make sure you add cheese in the last two minutes. If you’re using a grill, you can cover the pan with a lid to speed up the process. Another way to make your burgers look great is to serve them with a good quality vegetable.

Shake Shack burger recipe

If you’ve been craving a burger from Shake Shack, but don’t live near one, you can make a delicious homemade version at home. This Shake Shack burger recipe is almost exactly like the one you’ll get from the famous New York burger joint. Just follow the directions and you’ll have a delicious burger in no time! To make a Shake Shack burger, you’ll need two pounds of ground beef. Then, you need to form eight equal patties, and then freeze them for 15 minutes. After thawing, add your choice of spices and sauces to the meat.

When cooking burgers, you can use hockey pucks or a large metal spatula to form the patty. Once you’ve formed the patty, use a stiff spatula to flatten it out. Next, sprinkle the top with a salt and pepper mix. Make sure to season both sides of the patty with the same salt and pepper mix. Assemble burgers on a griddle and enjoy!

Grilled burgers with smoked paprika

Smoked paprika adds a smokey flavor to your burgers. You can also use it on other foods. The key to grilling a burger is to cook it over direct heat, not over high heat. The outer edges will burn before the inside is done. Avoid overworking your ground meat and avoid packing the patties too tightly.

To create this flavorful burger seasoning, you’ll need some smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and brown sugar. You can also use cayenne pepper, which adds a smoky flavor. However, if you’re not a fan of spice, you can omit it. The result will still be a delicious burger.

Air fry burgers

If you are looking for a new way to prepare hamburgers, try using an air fryer. These patties are healthy, quick and convenient to make. They use no oil and the excess fat drains away while the patties cook. To prepare the patties, all you need are some common pantry spices and a good air fryer. In order to make the patties, you need to prepare them at least half an inch thick and three to four inches in diameter. For best results, use ground beef with a 15 to 20 percent fat content.

If you do not want to spend too much time preparing the burgers, you can also make them in advance and freeze. When you want to serve them, all you need to do is assemble the buns and add your favorite toppings. Unlike fried burgers, the cheese will not fly off the patties. To make these air fryers more convenient, you can use ground beef and make burger patties in advance and freeze them for four months. Once you’ve shaped them, simply cook them in the air fryer in 8 to 12 minutes. Cooking leftovers will take about the same time.

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