Chef’s Kiss

The Meaning of a Chef’s Kiss

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ve probably seen the emoji known as a chef’s kiss. The yellow face with puckered lips is a common symbol of affection and love, but it can also express contempt, surprise, and feigned innocence.

The chef’s kiss comes from the Italian word “al bacio,” which means excellence. Thousands of Italian master chefs used this gesture to express their appreciation for their food and their craft during the 1940s. Advertising helped popularize the phrase, which is often used to signify excellence in food and service. This gesture is a subtle, but effective way to express approval for someone or something. Whether sincere or ironic, the chef’s kiss is a universal symbol of quality and excellence.

While the chef’s kiss is usually associated with Italian chefs, it can also apply to anyone who enjoys Italian cuisine. The term is synonymous with “al bacio,” which means “as good as a kiss.” In this context, the chef’s kiss can refer to a perfect meal.

Typically, however, the chef’s kiss is given to a friend who is savoring their meal, or a foodie who is appreciative.

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